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1 Year Diploma Course of Hotel Management
Diploma Course : Hotel Management, Operations, Hospitality With German Language
General Information :
The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, an Internationally reputed Institution, dedicated to the promotion of culture and learning is a Charitable Public Trust, founded by Kulapati Dr. K.M. Munshi on 7th December, 1938. The Bhavan was instituted with the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi and the founding members of the Bhavan included Dr. Rajendra Prasad. Shri C. Rajagopalachari, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel several distinguished scholars, statesmen and leaders of Modern Indian Renaissance. From small beginnings, the Bhavan has grown into an AII-India Intellectual, Cultural and Educational Movement. True to its goal of re-vitalising Dharma or the Moral Law, in its three fold form of Truth: Love and Beauty, the Bhavan is ceaselessly striving to carry forward India's ageless message: Faith. Self Discipline and Dedication - Shraddha, Samyana and Samarpana. The Bhavan has come to be recognised as a symbol of the Intellectual, Literacy. Educational, ethical, spiritual and cultural life of India, flowing through the Centuries and as a comprehensive national Institution with an International outlook, touching almost, all segments of Life. Bhavan has been awarded Gandhi Peace Prize for 2003, which carried an award of Rupees One Crore to further strengthen its work in hand: spreading the message of Peace of the Mahatama throughout the World.
During the past six decades, a world falling to pieces under the impact of an amoral technological avalanche, the Bhavan has been steadfastly endeavouring to hold fast to the fundamental values of life and has perseveringly contributed its mite to foster these values, reintegrating them with new elements represented by modern conditions based on advancement of Science and Technology. "Science has a habit of questioning, spirituality is based on certain known principles. But, eventually though the paths might be different, both are seeking the truth." We exhort upon our students to think ahead, think big, have a vision and determination to achieve your cherished goal. The Bhavan believes in integrating Science and spirituality as they both are complimentary and mutually invigorating and as such while promoting modern scientific progress the Bhavan seeks to strike a synthesis between material and spiritual values: Revitalising ancient values and reintegrating them to the present day changing needs of modern times alone, will give people the strength to assimilate whatever is good in the New Technology and thoughts without being swept off their feet The Blending of the two Modern & living Ancient thoughts, both enriching each other is Bhavans endeavour. The Bhavan believes that there are elements in all cultures which transcend all barriers and knit people together.
Bhavan is a Voluntary National institution, with an International outlook. The Bhavan represents a vibrant and ever evolving movement to preserve the glorious cultural heritage, which we have inherited and has withstood the test of time. It is our sacred duty to nurture what is best in this heritage. The Bhavan is to be looked upon as an 'Adventure in Faith' -a faith in India's past, present and future. The Bhavan enjoins on everyone, to live upto the values of our culture and work for its dissemination. True to its goal of strengthening the moral values, Bhavan strives to impart ageless message of faith, self discipline dedication and has thus become a strong bridge of fostering unity in diversity through over all understanding of Man and Universe. The Bhavan does not recognise any barrier of caste, colour, creed, community, region or religion. The Bhavan endeavours through Healthy Human relationships, to build up 'World as one Family' - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Its working guiding Principle motto is Aano Bhadraah Karatavo Yantu Viswatah -Let noble thoughts come to us from every side. The Bhavan through its multi-dimensional activities, is striving to achieve, to build an Integrated Personality -integrating the three H's - Head, Heart and Hand Manasyekam - Vachasyekam -Karmayekam - Accord between Thought, Word and Deed.
The Bhavan is dedicated to the promotion of Education - continuing and Technical, Art, Culture, Literature, Science, Technology and Human Values. So as to ensure, all round Human Development. The Bhavan is making pioneer efforts, to promote non-formal education, in Modern Management based Professional, Technical, Vocational and Career Oriented disciplines. Our this Hotel Management Vocational course falls under management of Leisure, Hospitality and Service Industries. The Bhavan offers value based modern management education in our this Course Hotel Management. Our Industry is based on 'Human Relationships' and for us 'Guest Satisfaction is of Paramount Importance -"Atithi Devo Bhava". It is said by the learned that the Blessings of an Honoured Guest are more efficacious than the merit of a Hundred Sacrifices. Our Industry offers: Health: Happiness and Hospitality with basic moral values as the mainplank.
The basic motivation of our this Course is, to prepare youth to become Self Reliant: Meaningful individuals with clarity, precion and imbibed with Independent thought. Reading after a certain age, diverts the mind too much, from its creative pursuits. Any person who reads two much and uses his own Brain too little falls into lazy habit of Thinking. It is our endeavour to inspire youth to embrace challenge and find joy and self-worth through achievement. Our this vocational course trains your

a) Creativity
b) Capability
c) Command
d) Concentration
e) Craftsmanship

shift from Unemployment to Employment and Entrepreneurship.
Entrepreneurship these days is on a fast track. Our this Course is very much different as here the emphasis is on skills, application and self learning, through innovative methods and Internationally acclaimed technologies. We offer Global education with Global prospects. Our Course provides a solid base for higher Education Gateways. Our approach is to make our students 'Action oriented, with problem resolving bent of Mind. All endeavours are made, to tune the course to the latest trends of the Industry, including achievements in Technology.
Bhavans Book University
The Prakashan Mandir, the Publication Division is by far one of the most important Institutions of the Bhavan. Kulapati Munshiji significantly christened it the 'Book University'. The principal aim of the Bhavans Book University, is to publish books and periodicals which would serve the purpose of providing higher education Wholesome Books are Food for the soul. The Bhavan has so far published over 1600 Titles, all intended to promote Education, Art, Culture and Ethics.
Bhavans latest achievement is establishment of Mahatma Gandhi Centre of Computer Education and Information Technology, which is charged with the function to spread Computer Technology, allover India.

Bhavan today is ever Evolving Movement :
In 2005 A.D., the Bhavan is entering its 68th year of service, in the cause of India's Ageless Culture, Education, Learning Art and Moral Values. The Bhavan has grown into a great intellectual, cultural and educational movement with over 118 Kendras in India, 7 overseas centres and 373 Constituent Institutions; besides over 100 affiliated colleges.

The Bhavan's units are catering to the needs of over 400,000 students.
Aims & Objectives :
The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan commenced operating Hotel Management course from 1986 onwards with a view to provide Professional and Technical Skills to the Personnel working in this Modern and International Service Industry. It is a Management cum Craft Course intended to provide job opportunities to the educated unemployed youth in the field of Hospitality Leisure and Service Industry. Bhavan offers value based Management Education to our students.

The course is run on Evening part-time basis, mainly for the benefit of Personnel who are already Employed. So that they can improve their Professional and Technical skills so as to improve their career and employment prospects. With this end in view, No Age-Bar has been prescribed for this Course.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

The Primary objective of the course is that students, on completion of this course, should be able to stand on their own feet and start their own Business in Hotel, Restaurant, Catering and Allied Industries. Small entrepreneurs have a very important role to play in this Leisure Hospitality and Service Industry.
Job Opportunities for Gainful Employment :
Vast and varied in this large and vast growing Industry. Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens, flight catering, out-door catering units, Fast Food Units, Ice-Cream Parlours and Bakery out-fits. In the field of Leisure, Hospitality and Service Industries -Resort Hotels, Heritage Hotels, unstarred and starred Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Factories, Flight Catering, Railway Catering, Out-door Catering Units, specialty Restaurants in Hotels and other catering establishments, Banquets, Buffets and Ships.

Bhavan admits young people who have aptitude and are looking for bright careers in the Hospitality Industry. The contents of the course, have been so designed as to meet the requirements of skilled workers and middle level managerial positions in the Industry.

One has many choices and avenues to suit special skills. It is a age of specialisation and professionalism: so be one On completion of this course, small entrepreneurs have a very important role to play in the field of Leisure, Hospitality and Service Industry. Small entrepreneurs have great future. One can set up his own small unit and be on your own.

Rules and Regulations :
Medium of Instruction for the course and for Examination.

The medium of Instruction for this course and for the Examination is English. English is the Language of the Industry. A very good knowledge of English is therefore ESSENTIAL.
Duration of the Course
New batch starting from 01st August,2019, Admissions Open.
Duration of the course is one year .

The final Examination will be held in June.
The course is job oriented and evening part time course.

A minimum of 66% attendance is a must.
  • Evening batch  daily timings 1700 till 1900 pm.
  • Attendance in  the Lectures is essential.

  • Graduates and working people.
  • However 10 + 2 are also eligible
Minimum Qualification

Must have passed Senior Secondary School Examination or Equivalent. A very good knowledge of English is ESSENTIAL
Age = No bar

Primarily for the benefit of working people.
Fees Structure

Rs.50,000/- Rupees Fifty Thousand.(All inclusive of all charges).The fee can be payable in two installments.
Payment Schedule : Payment in  two (2) installments.

Rupees Twenty Thousands is payable in cash in one instalment at UCO Bank located in Bhavan's Premises or Bhavan's Accounts Section.
Fees are Non -Refundable

Please carefully note that Fees once deposited would not be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever.


Limited Seats = 60 (Sixty) only.
Two sections : 30 students per section.

First come First served basis

The Bhavan would remain closed on all Public Holidays
Disciplinary action for Misconduct and use of Malpractices.

candidate who indulges in any unfair practice, or is found guilty of any Misconduct, during the progress of the course: indulges in malpractice's during preparation of Internal assessment reports: or in preparation of Project Reports: or in the Final Examination, shall be liable to stern Disciplinary Action. Revocation of a Student implies cancellation of candidature -forfeiting of fees. It may mean treating the performance of part / whole examination as Null and Void. It may mean suspension of the candidate in part or full from the course. Further penal action is liable to be taken, depending upon severity of the offense. There is 'NO PARDON'.
Passing Standards

Course Structure and Examination.

The Bhavan's Diploma will be awarded to the successful candidates, in the final Examination to be held after 15th May.
Paper I Front Office: Operations and Management Marks 50
Paper II Food Production (Theory) Marks 50
Paper III Food & Beverage Service.                     Marks 50
Paper IV Accounts Hotel & Restaurants              Marks 50
Paper V Sales & Marketing in Service industry Marks 50
Paper VI Housekeeping with Maintenance Marks 50
Paper VII German Language -Hospitality oriented Marks 50
Paper VIII Project Report Marks 50
Paper IX Tourism & Hospitality.                          Marks 50
Paper X Viva-Voice Marks 50
Total :
Marks 500
Distinction 70% and above = 245 Marks & above
First Division 60-69% = 210-244 Marks
Second Division 50-59% = 175-209 Marks
Pass 40-49% = 140-174 Marks
Special Credits for Outstanding Performance.

The Diploma would be awarded to successful candidates only on 'Convocation Day' to be held in the Month of June .
Project Report :

Each participant to this Course, is to submit a Project Report - Study Paper connected with the course by 30.04.2015 AD. This is your 'Research Work' and would be your passport for joining the Industry. It must reflect your ideas and decision maker's approach to the problems facing the industry. The aim is to make you a professional and a specialist in the industry. The students must seek guidance from the Faculty in selection of Topics and for successful completion of Project Report.
Reference Books:

The Students must bring their own Reference Books like Hotel Guide, Menu Cards of various Hotels: Literature published by Leading Hotel Chains: Tariff Sheets: Banquet Tariffs: Professional Trade Magazines, Branch, as required for successful completion of this Job Oriented: Professional : Vocational and Tuned to the Industry Course.

Library and Trade Journals, Magazines :

The Bhavan maintains its own library for the benefit of our students. We subscribe to Trade Journals and Magazines so that our students remain abreast with latest developments in the Industry.
Practical Training: SEMINAR & WORKSHOP:

Instruction is imparted both through theoretical sessions and practical assignments. The mode adopted is through seminars: Workshops and Discussions. Holding of Practicals in a regular feature of this Course. As an aid to Practical Sessions. Students are exposed to Video Tapes and Slide presentations. We invite regularly Professionals from the Industry as Guest Lecturers, for the benefit of our student. The Students are sent to the Hotel for on the job training. Holding of Practicals is a regular feature of the Course.
Educational Tours:

The students are imparted practical training by organizing visits to Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens etc. The arrangement of Tours and Excursions are to be made by Students themselves. The students would have to pay for their own expenses for participating in these Tours: Excursions: Functions. Each student would have to participate in atleast two such Excursions / Tours and visits to Hotels and Restaurants.
Guest Lecturers from Hotel and Catering Industries :

The Bhavan invites Guest Lecturers who are Giants of the Industry so as to ensure 'Degree of Flexibility' and a Practical Real world approach, so that our Students can absorb and keep abreast with on-going Developments in the Indian and International Hotel Business Environments. A strong point of the course is on-going and regular interaction with business and industry leaders. The course includes holding of seminars and workshops to encourage involvement and participation of students, so as to develop their self-confidence Ability to research is encouraged. All efforts are made to tune the course, to the latest trends in the Industry.
Research Cell.

The Bhavan, has a full fledged 'Research Cell', to find solutions to vexed problems, facing the Industry. The Bhavan also offers Guidance to New Entrepreneurs. There is scope for improvement, in all spheres of Hotel Industry. Ability to Research and to develop Decision Makers approach on the part of Students is encouraged. Pioneer efforts are made to forecast trends of the Industry.
Grooming :

Grooming of students, is part and parcel of this course. Special Lectures on Grooming by specialists in Marketing: Public Relations: Behaviour: Conduct are arranged. Bhavan lays tremendous emphasis on Grooming and Personality Development. Communications is the name of the Game.
Placement Cell :

Bhavan has a 'Placement Cell', for the benefit of our students. Campus Interviews are a regular feature. We have career counseling by Experienced Specialists and Professionals.
Uniforms :

All the students are expected to wear usual uniform, recognised by the Industry in India and abroad.
Application of Computer Technology to Hotels and Restaurant Industry :

It is an optional offer to our students. Computer Education has became a significant aspect of Education in these days. The Bhavan has well equipped. Computer Science Department with 10 pcs, 1 x T 2 Printer and 5 BBC Micro computers. What we teach is application of computer technology to our industry. Additional fees of Rs. 3,000/- per student, would be charged for this optional course.

Application of Computer Technology to Hotels & Restaurant Industry is based on either PMS -Property Management system or HMS -Hotel Management Systems. The various systems are: (i) Fideleo (ii) Hotel Plan (iii) In-Front (iv) I.B.S. -Familiarity with these Systems is ensured. One can develop his own software to suit your own establishment Restaurant, Resort, Hotel and Fast Food outlets.
Course Director

Prof. Ravendra N.Wadhawan 50 years professional experience in Tourism,Hotels & Hospitality industry in india & abroad.

Faculty.Top Grade faculty:Highly Qualified:Experienced:Working specialists in the industry,in touch with the latest trends in India & abroad.Having extensive experience in top five star hotels.Conversant with current trends in India due to liberalistion measures.Export status:Incentives & Reliefs in the markets in India  and abroad.
Specialty : Hospitality Oriented- German Language
The Ingredients of success in the Hotel Industry are:
  1. Specialisation and Professionalism.
  2. Self Confidence
  3. Dignity of Labour
  4. Good Learning Skills
  5. Great Communication Skills
  6. A Thirst for knowledge
  7. Complete Involvement and Participation
  8. Excellent Time Management
  9. Cost Benefit analysis
  10. Put on a Smile : Customer Oriented Approach
  11. Satisfaction of Making People Happy
  12. The Hotel Industry lays tremendous emphasis a Grooming and Personality Department.
  13. You have many choices and avenues in Hotel Industry, to suit special skills.
  14. Most courteous behaviour at all times.
  15. Anticipate the requirements of the customer.
  16. Customer is Income: Customer is Profit: We value him: We need him.
  17. Do not look to the watch, while at work.
  18. Look through the eyes of the Customer.
  19. Render undivided attention to each Customer.
A List of Magazines and Books recommended is enclosed. App. I
On the Job Training:

On the job training for each participant to this professional course is strongly recommended. The students would have to seek their own placements for this training. This training should be atleast for three months in an area of their aptitude where specialization is desired in the Hotel Industry: Restaurant Industries: Catering: Food & Beverages: House Catering: Flight Catering Fast Foods outlets.
The participants to this course are expected to conform to the Name, Fame, Honour: Prestige and status of this Great Institution -Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
The Decision of the Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi on any issue whatsoever, shall be binding and final.
For Prospectus, Admission forms and details contact:-

Sushi Wadhawan).23382002.23388563,93508522659999890218

Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management

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1, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110001.
Ph. 23382002, 23388563,9350852265,9999890218
Website: www.bvbdelhi.org.
E-mail: sushi.gandhara@gmail.com

Syllabus :

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