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Shri Shankaracharya Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya
Bhavan's Founder President

If Patashalas and universities make a point of using the direct method in teaching Sanskrit throughout the course and of making its beautiful literature accessible to the students before the grammar and compound rules make their life miserable, the popularity of Sanskrit will grow. That is what we want easy spoken Sanskrit, spoken as it is by many pandits, particularly in south, with the elasticity of expression which equals that of the advanced languages of the modern world. Through that medium, it should be our aim to familiarize the country with the best in the Sanskrit language, and no other language can be better than this. Thus only will Sanskrit be kept alive.

Dr. K. M. Munshi

Of all the equipment you can hope to acquire here, nothing will be more useful than the study of Sanskrit. If you cannot read it ,read the translations in English or Hindi or any other language that you know. It will make you a member of the great spiritual community to which the greatest men of our race belonged, and give you a capacity for universals understanding.

Dr. K. M. Munshi


Contrary to common belief, Sanskrit is an easy language to learn, particularly for an Indian. Whatever may be this mother language, an Indian comes in contact with this language from his early childhood. It is, therefore, not difficult at all for him to learn it.

Keeping this in mind, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has brought out an eleven-book series of graded lessons in Saral Sanskrit Sihksha is published according to the syllabus prepared in 1959 by a Committee of eminent educationists constituted by Sanskrit Vishwa Parishad, which was inaugurated on the momentous occasion of the renovation ceremony of the Somnath Temple in 1951, when the Sardar Patel, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Shri K.M.Munshi and Shri U. N. Dhebar were present. The series enable the learning of Sanskrit with the help of small simple sentences. Again, a student generally finds it difficult with Sanskrit Grammar. But, it is not so with the aid of Saral Sanskrit books. The construction of sentences in these books has been designed in such a way that various verb-forms can be easily grasped. Thus, when a student reads these books he understands the meaning of words with ease and is able to make sentences of his own, discovering in the process that Sanskrit is an easy language.

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  • Shri Shankaracharya Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya conducts classes in Saral and Higher Sanskrit. These classes are conducted under the guidance of qualified and experienced teachers trained in modern methods of teaching. The medium of instruction is both English and Hindi.
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SARAL SANSKRIT Courses of Study :
  • The course in Saral Sanskrit is of three year duration and consists of five levels Balbodh; Prarambha; Pravesh; Parichaya and Kovid, divided into five semesters of approximately six months each:
I. Semester:

Balbodh :

Two days a week Monday and Friday
II. Semester:

Prarambha :

Two days a week Tuesday and Thursday
Timing 6: PM to 7: PM

III. Semester: Pravesh :

Three days a week Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Timing: 5: PM to 6: PM.

IV. Semester: Parichaya :

Four days a week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
Timing: 4: PM to 5: PM.

V. Semester: Kovid :

Five days a week Monday through Friday
Timing: 3: PM to 4: PM.

Enrolment Fee Rs.250/- for each year, payable in advance.
Note Short duration (Crash) courses are also arranged in batches
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HIGHER SANSKRIT : Courses of Study
  • Classes in Higher Sanskrit consist of four levels spread over five years : Poorva Madhyama; Uttara Madhyama; Shastri( 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year ); and Acharya(1st and 2nd year).

Poorva Madhyama :

Five days a week Monday through Friday

Uttara Madhyama :

Five days a week Monday through Friday

Shastri :

Five days a week Monday through Friday

Acharya :

Five days a week Monday through Friday
Enrolment Fee Rs. 250/- per year payable in advance.
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GEETA CLASSES : Courses of Study

  • The Geeta examinations conducted by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan are becoming popular day by day. This course is also of two year duration and consists of four levels divided into four semesters of approximately six months each:
I. Semester: Geeta Prarambha Two days a week
II. Semester: Geeta Pravesh Two days a week
III. Semester: Geeta Parichaya Two days a week
IV. Semester: Geeta Kovid Two days a week
Enrolment Fee Rs. 250/- per year payable in advance.
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  • Examinations for the above courses are conducted centrally by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai at centers where the students attend the courses. These are held at the end of each semester in case of Saral Sanskrit and at the end of the year in case of Higher Sanskrit.

  • The minimum pass mark is 40% of the aggregate. Candidates securing 60% and above are placed in the first division and those securing 45% and above in the second division. Successful students are given certificates by the Bhavan.
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  • Persons who have passed the primary School Examination are eligible for admission to Saral Sanskrit classes.

  • Persons who have passed the Higher Secondary Examination with Sanskrit are eligible for admission to Higher Sanskrit classes.

  • Registration for admission to the different courses is open seven days the commencement of each session.
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