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The Courses

1. Journalism (Medium English)

2. Journalism/(Medium Hindi)

3. Public Relations

4. Marketing & Advertising

5. Marketing and Sales management

6. Industrial Relations & Personnel Management

7. Mass Communication (Medium English)

8. Mass Communication / स्नातकोत्तर दूरसंचार डिप्लोमा (Medium Hindi)

9. International Trade (Export & Import Management)

10. Financial Management

11. Storage and Materials Management

12. Effective Entrepreneurship


  1. The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan has always held the view that knowledge and understanding of India’s Cultural Heritage should be an essential ingredient of
    all forms of education in the country. The study of this subject has, therefore been made compulsory in all its Post Graduate Courses.

  2. Each paper in each course carries 100 marks.

  3. Each student will have to submit a Study Paper on a topic connected with his/ her course of study. This will carry 100 marks. 

  4. There will be a Viva Voice test before the final Examination. This will carry 100 marks. 

  5. Students of Journalism will, in addition, have to complete assignments given in the class and also work on the College Laboratory Journal, ALPHA. A total of 200 marks has been allotted for this purpose. 

  6. Students of Journalism & Mass Communication are also provided online editing classes to equip them with a working knowledge of the software used in Newspapers/ Magazines at an additional fee of Rs. 2,000/-.

  7. Mass Communication students are provided practical exposure to Electronic Media through a series of workshops spread over 2 months at an additional fee of
    Rs. 2000/-.


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