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Ayurveda course details 

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Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, and the Charaka Samhita is one  of the oldest and most important ancient texts in Ayurveda. It is written in Sanskrit, in the form of poetry, as poems are easier to remember than prose.  The Charaka Samihita has 8 sections and 150 chapters.  It describes over 600 drugs that can be obtained from animals, plants and minerals.  It also had a code of conduct for doctors. It says, “ a doctor must not betray his patients even at the cost of his own life.” Some people believe the Charaka Samhita was written by a group of scholars. Others say that it was written by famous physician called Charaka who lived during the reign of Kanishka, and was one of the founders of Ayurveda.

According to the philosophy of Ayurveda, health is not just maintained by taking a balanced diet but it also depends on your eating habits.

Certain items of food have a heating effect on bodyor are of high caloric value i.e. meat, fish, egg, jiggery, dates, nuts, honey, mango etc.  Other like milk oranges, melon, bananas, curd, cheese etc. have a cooling effect on the body.  The post-digestive effect is an effect of the food substance on the digestive system, metabolism and on the nutrition of the body.  To regulate eating habits one should follow following tips:-

The course fees including examination and service tax for

  • Six Month Certificate Course Fee            :-        9,000/-  for six month
  • One Year Diploma     Course Fee            :-        17,500/-  for one year

Classes     :       In week Every SUN

Eligibility    :        This course is open for all 10th passed   person  with no age limit

Course Commencing                    w.e.f. 29/7/2023

Timings  :- 12:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M.   ( Sunday)

Documents Required :

  • Identification Proof with residential Address
  • Latest Qualification Certificate
  • Two photographs, one for the identity card and the other for office record.

For further details please contact :- Room No. 20  Tel. no. 011- 23382002

Mobile – 011-23382002 / 9910470269 / 9599912436 / 9911220466 / 9818925155 / 8544795701

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